I am a PhD student at the Institute for Analytical Sociology, at Linköping University, Sweden. I received my MSc in Demography from Stockholm University in June 2014. I worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Futures Studies (2014), and at the Institute for Analytical Sociology (2014-2016) until the beginning of my PhD studies in September 2016.

My dissertation is concerned with the micro-macro dynamics of ethnic school segregation in Sweden. In several sub-projects, I study school segregation in relation to the dynamic sorting of students in primary schools, teachers in high schools, and parents in residential locations. In all my projects, I use Swedish micro data. You can find more about register data in this page.

Recent work:

Keuschnigg, M., Mutgan, S., & Hedström, P. (2019). Urban scaling and the regional divide. Science Advances, 5(1), eaav0042

Areas of interest: Mechanism-based explanations, micro-macro link in social systems, dynamics of school segregation, discrete choice modeling, empirically calibrated agent-based models, social network analysis, complex social systems