Data in Sweden

Swedish Register Data


SIMSAM: ”Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social And Medical Sciences” is an initiative supported by the Swedish Research Council. The main aim of the initiative is to promote register based research as well as to increase communication between research teams that use register data in Sweden. At the Institute for Analytical Sociology, I am involved in the research project which is one of the 6 research nodes that are part of the SIMSAM network. SIMSEG is the research program to study dynamics and consequences of school segregation using register data in combination with large scale agent based social simulations.

SND: “Swedish National Data Service” is a national resource agency that provides access to new and existing Swedish research data, including register based data.

SCB: “Statistics Sweden” is the agency responsible for the official statistics. The agency not only produce and develop macro level meta data, but also provides the infrastructure for register data access. MONA (Microdata Online Access) is the standard tool for delivering and processing anonymised micro-data for research purposes.

EPN: “Ethical Review Board” is the agency which processes and provides ethical approval for research projects that use register based data as well as other research projects.