I received my Ph.D. in Analytical Sociology in December 2021. I currently work at Linköping University. Prior to my Ph.D. training, I studied demography and economics. 

My broad research interests include micro-macro dynamics of segregation and income stratification. My current project, funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR), is related to understanding how school and residential choices of parents are linked and how these two choices jointly affect school segregation. In my projects, I use population level Swedish micro-data

I also make fluid art paintings. You can see some of my artwork here

If you want to chat related to my work, please see below links or contact information here.

Areas of interest: Mechanism-based explanations, micro-macro link in social systems, dynamics of school segregation, discrete choice modeling, empirically calibrated agent-based models, social network analysis, complex social systems .

Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, June 2018
Last update: Jan-2022

CV template can be found here, courtesy of Kieran Healy.