Swedish Register Data

Being a researcher in Sweden has many perks, and one of them is definitely the possibility to access full population administrative data. Apart from having experience in using the data in my own research since 2014, I have also been working as a data manager at the Institute for Analytical Sociology. Below are some useful links about the use of register data in research in Sweden:

Registerforskning.se: “Register-based research” is an information portal which is organized by the Swedish Research Council. The site (though mostly in Swedish) provides detailed information on how to plan register based research. 

SND: “Swedish National Data Service” is a national resource agency who provides access to new and existing Swedish research data, including register based data.

SCB: “Statistics Sweden” is the agency responsible for the official statistics. The agency provides macro-level meta data as well as the infrastructure to access individual-level register data. MONA (Microdata Online Access) is the standard tool for delivering and processing anonymised micro-data for research purposes.

Etikprövningsmyndigheten: “Ethical Review Board” is the agency which processes and provides ethical approval for research projects that use register-based data as well as other research projects.

Population flows from smaller to relatively larger commuting zones in 2012

Figure from SciAdv(2019)